August 25, 2009

Gluten- Free Clearance Finds at Target

Nate and I ran to Target to pick up some basic items and purchase a gift for an upcoming wedding. As we were running through the frozen food section I noticed frozen broccoli on clearance. We eat a lot of broccoli at our house so I grabbed two bags and noticed they had a lot of other frozen items on clearance.

I scanned a couple more items as Nate looked for the Starbucks ice cream that we had a free coupon for. I yelled, "Nathan!" He quickly turned assuming he was in trouble. (I think the lady next to him thought he was in trouble too.)

We were shocked to see French Meadow Bakery Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie on clearance. I grabbed four boxes considering that you keep them frozen until you use them and then we noticed they also had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Both the brownies and cookies were marked down from $5.99 to $2.98. With two gluten-free guys in the house I'm sure these won't last long.

When we got home Nate made a box of the cookies. They are preformed so you just need to preheat the oven and place them on a tray. It couldn't get much more convenient than that. They are done in 10-12 minutes.

I could have made this an even better deal if I printed some of these coupons from their website.

This was a great reminder to check clearance for gluten-free products!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the great info! Don't know if you have Big Lots (closeout stores)but my Mom found The new Betty Crocker GF mixes at hers, really cheap!

Sonia Gluten Free said...

Thanks for the info (!)

I have an important question in the gluten-free diet in the U.S. and Canada, maybe you could answer.
That amount of gluten allowed in products made??? The 20PPM?
In Europe we have as "gluten free" to 20ppm gluten and may contain up to 100 PPM, is the same in the U.S.?

Thank you for your response grcias
sonia gluten free

Rebecca said...

That is super cool. You need to make sure u have so when I come to visit again ok.
Love ya Becca

Stacey said...

We do have Big Lots here. I haven't been to one for awhile but I might need to check them out again.

I believe in the U.S. it is 100 ppm but they are considering changing it to 20 ppm. As you know it is a very controversial topic.

We'll try to save some for you Becca.

Linda said...

I've never tried that brand, and I've never looked for gluten free food besides Chex at Target. I'll look for them the next time I'm there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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