August 4, 2009

Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Mix Coupon

We haven't been cooking much lately since Nate was sick for a week and half and by the time he was feeling better we went out of town. Nate worked out an agreement with his coworker where we could stay at his family's cabin if we did some tiling while we were there. We kept things pretty simple and now that we're back home we're trying to catch up on things that have been neglected. I have some pictures to post once I find the cord to our camera.

Here's a great deal to take advantage of. We still haven't tried any of the Betty Crocker Gluten Free baking mixes yet but aunt tells me they are pretty good and that's coming from someone who can eat gluten. I'm planning on ordering a few from Coborns Delivers while they're on sale for $2.50 this week.

Call General Mills at 1-800-446-1898 and choose option 4 to speak with a representative. Tell them you are calling regarding the gluten-free coupon. They will ask for your name, address and 2 simple questions. It's that easy, just remember to call during normal business hours.


Shannan Riemer said...

Great Post, I am calling today!

Becca said...

Thank You! I'm always looking for ways to safe on GF items because it isn't always cheap! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for that info! I'll call tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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