December 19, 2008

Mislabeled Wellshire Farms Products

I am so disappointed with Wellshire Farms. I heard children were eating mislabeled foods that contained gluten and having allergic reactions. I assumed we didn't buy those products. As I read an article a little closer I noticed that we do buy the dino chicken nuggets, chicken corn dogs and beef corn dogs as an occasional treat. I have completely lost my trust in their company and will be skeptical of other companies going forward. So many people spend so much time and money to eat gluten-free so the can be healthy and not worry about feeling sick.

You can read more about the history of it here and here.

I still haven't decided how to break the news to Matt that I won't be buying the chicken nuggets or corn dogs anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I sent a letter to the President of the company after my child became sick.

He gave me a song and dance about the fact that their products were labeled appropriately, etc. It looked like a letter from a PR person and lawyer all in one.

My son is 7 and it's my job to keep him safe. I rely on proper labeling and now Wellshire Farms will NEVER be welcomed back in to our home.

We used to buy several of their items from Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck!).

I don't care what they claim or promise, I will never be back.

I too, have a business and I would have never responded to a concerned customer like he did to me.

It was obvious he was in that position for the money/status or whatever else he gets from being President, NOT to do the right thing.

Run from Wellshire Farms!

Your blog is GREAT. I love it.