December 2, 2008

Jimmy John's JJ Unwich is Gluten-Free

The previous post made me think of Jimmy John's since the restaurants have the same fast-paced feel. Jimmy John's focus is on sandwiches so one would automatically assume that it could not be gluten-free. However, they offer a gluten-free option on their menu. The JJ Unwich is a sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. Feel free to ask them to change their gloves if they do not automatically change them. All employees are supposed to be trained on allergies and using new gloves and separate cutting boards. They also prepare the unwich on the paper it will be wrapped in. Be cautious of the condiments/spreads, they put most of them on with a spatula. Any of their sandwiches can be made into an unwich and prices are the same.

Bacon, Ham, Capicola, Salami, and Turkey are gluten-free.

Beef and Cheese are not gluten-free.


arms* said...

Is their avocado spread gluten free?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Johns cheese is NOT gluten free. Be careful.

Stacey said...

Yes, the avocado spread is gluten free but they usually use the same spatula that they use on their wheat sandwhiches so it would become contaminated.

Yes, please see the comment in red at the end that states "beef and cheese are not gluten free."

Mel in Az said...

Watch out for the tuna! Subway just makes their with mayonnaise and tuna, Jimmy Johns makes it with soy sauce!

Stacey said...

This is the first I've heard of soy sauce in their tuna. Thanks for mentioning it.

Jimmy said...

Here At Jimmy Johns, WE Do make our Tuna with Soy Sauce, Mayo, Onion, Celery. That is our secret is the soy! All our management staff is trained in Gluten Free and knows that a Manager will make your sandwich to insure that proper steps are taken to safeguard your meal!

Tammy said...

I just placed an order with my local JJ's, and they had no clue which menu items were GF; so, no, they are NOT trained regarding allergens.

Anonymous said...

Why would the cheese NOT be gluten free?

Anonymous said...

Just had the unwich through a work event. Jimmy John's assured them the item was gluten free. It definitely was NOT gluten free. Be aware.

Anonymous said...

I am an employee of jimmy johns and 95% of our staff is trained to know which items are gluten free and which are not. there are always multiple employees who know these items. yes some of the new comers do not know, and it isn't unsual for you to be talking to a new employee as we do get mainly college kids who come and go.

Stacey said...

Mention it is for an allergy and nicely ask them to change their gloves. If they are not sure which menu items are gluten free you could ask to speak to the manager and they should be able to assist you. There is a chance of cross contamination so be clear that it is for an allergy and not just a low carb diet.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit the managers are trained to know that. *source: worked there for 4 years under 4 managers, none of which knew til I taught them.

Sarah said...

I got an email from Jimmy Johns' management this week that their cheese is gluten free (based on the FDA proposed ruling saying that product with less than 20ppm gluten can be declared as gluten free). I've had their provolone cheese 2x this week and had no reaction.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the cheese. If cheese is shredded it often has additives that keep it from sticking together. Those have wheat/gluten in them. Two brands which are safe are Sargento and I believe Kraft. I can't recall 100% on the Kraft but Sargento is what I buy as we have it available in my area. Sliced cheese "should" be ok but you should always check if you are sensitive. Deli meats can sometimes have gluten also but JJ's states theirs do not. Here is an email from JJ's:
Thanks for eating at Jimmy John's! I am writing you back in response to your earlier e-mail.

You ask if our menu items are gluten-free:

Avocado – It is gluten free.
Bacon - It is gluten free.
Beef - It is not gluten free.
Ham - It is gluten free.
Capicola - It is gluten free.
Salami - It is gluten free.
Turkey - It is gluten free.
French bread - It is not gluten free.
Wheat bread - It is not gluten free.
Cheese - It is gluten free. (Based on the FDA proposed ruling saying that product with <20ppm gluten can be decaled as gluten free)
Mayo - It is gluten free.
Cookies - They are not gluten free.
Chips – They are gluten free.

We have a great gluten free option..our unwich. Any sub/club minus the bread wrapped in lettuce.

Unknown said...

I really want to eat at jimmy johns in Roanoke VA B/c my husband loves it, I have celiac disease which is an allergy to gluten, can I trust your Unwich?????