December 2, 2008

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Recently we went to visit Gary and Jonelle in Indiana. Before we left I wanted to see if there were any gluten-free restaurants. I found my new friend Marcie through the Celiac Sprue Association and I really lucked out. Marcie emailed me an extensive list of restaurants in the area. Nate and I were seriously overwhelmed with all of the suggestions.
When Gary was done with work the four of us decided to grab a bite to eat at Five Guys. Their menu is pretty simple - burgers, dogs and fries. The fun part is you pick your burger, a regular one is 2 patties a little one is 1 patty and then you get to choose from their 15 toppings with no upcharge. To keep the meal gluten-free order without the bun, but with all of the topping choices I don't think you'll mind. You could also ask them if they could wrap it in lettuce instead. The french fries are made from fresh cut potatoes and are made in dedicated fryers. We were all very pleased with the quality and quantity of the meal. Unfortunately the closest location to us is in St. Cloud or we could always visit Gary and Jonelle again.

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