November 2, 2008

Wildfire Review

We celebrated Nate's birthday at Wildfire in Eden Prairie. Last time we were there they automatically brought out gluten-free bread along with the regular bread. Today we had to ask for the gluten-free bread. They bring out a warm Kinnikinnick Foods English Muffin with butter. Their gluten-free menu has quite a few options. While it may not sound very exciting to the average person, Nate choose the Black Angus Burger. Their burgers and sandwiches are served on a gluten-free bun, which is the english muffin again. This is the only restaurant that I've seen Nate eat a burger with the bun. You also get your choice of potato or broccoli. The white cheddar au gratin potatoes are very good. Since it was Nate's birthday the waitress brought out a flourless chocolate cake. We all enjoyed helping him finish it since he was kind of full by then.
Another nice perk about Wildfire is since I called ahead they put us in a separate private room. I have been very impressed with them so far, even during busy times they are very helpful. Be sure to ask for the GF menu and remind the staff that you are ordering gluten-free.
Most Wildfire locations are in Illinois however, they also have locations in Georgia, Minnesota and Virginia.

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