September 30, 2008

Why Blog Gluten-Free?

Nate and I are obsessed with finding restaurants that offer a gluten-free menu or will accommodate a gluten-free diet. We enjoy trying new places but don't want to worry if we'll regret it the next day. Many people who have celiac disease are scared to go out to eat or feel very limited in their options. I was tired of seeing Nate order a salad, plain steak or chicken or a burger without the bun. While I stared at the menu overwhelmed by the options he choose by process of elimination. Just a few years ago we never went out for Italian, now there are many places he can have pizza or pasta. We find out about most of these restaurants from the Northland Celiacs website.

We're always trying to share this information with family and friends so they are aware of these new options. Nate suggested I blog as a way to share and track our latest discoveries. I think he sees at as an excuse to try more pizza but that's ok too.

As many of you know gluten-free (GF) food specialty foods can be very expense so you don't want to spend a lot of money on something you won't like. We thought this would also be a good place to post GF product reviews. Feel free to post suggestions to help with my attempt to keep Nate from getting bored.

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