July 27, 2010

Hamburger Helper & Asian Helper

I'm sure you heard they were coming but have you seen them yet? I found the Chicken Fried Rice and Cheesy Hashbrowns at our Super Target (they didn't have the Beef Fried Rice yet). Make sure you check each box because they still had some of the old ones that aren't gluten free. These were on sale and I was also able to use a hamburger helper coupon on them.

We tried the Cheesy Hashbrowns one night while Nate mowed the lawn and I took care of the baby. It was nice to have a different option besides our typically lazy meals. They were good (not great) but I've never been much of a Hamburger Helper fan. My mom always made better things from scratch and I couldn't help but add onions, peppers and garlic to it. We won't be making this all of the time but it is nice to have an inexpensive and convenient option.

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