April 23, 2010

Cooqi Gluten-Free Delights

When we find ourselves in St. Paul during the day we try to stop in Cooqi for a treat. My favorite is a brownie while Nate enjoys the blondies or pumpkin bars. Unfortunately Cooqi Gluten-Free Delights will be closing their doors on April 30th.
The good news is Cooqi will be selling their baking mixes online and in local grocery stores.

Cooqi supplies pizza crust to many local restaurants that offer gluten-free pizza. Madwoman Bakery will be stepping up to continue to supply gluten-free crusts to these restaurants. Thank you Madwoman for helping keep this option available for us.

If you live in the Twin Cities stop in this weekend to pick up your favorite treat.


Beth said...

Thanks for this blog Stacey!
I've never even been to this bakery, so I'm sad they are closing.

Do you know if they have any gf and dairy free options?

Stacey said...

I think they do. I believe her daughter is also dairy free. They are very good about listing ingredients as well. I would recommend checking it out and don't feel bad about asking questions. I know they are used to customers with multiple sensitivities.