July 5, 2009

Jamba Juice

Are you looking for a cool gluten-free treat? Ice cream and smoothies are a weakness at our house.

I assumed that most of the drinks at Jamba Juice would be gluten-free but wasn't exactly sure. It turns out all of their smoothies are gluten-free except for Pomegranate Heart Healthy. You can also enjoy all of the boosts except for Daily Vitamin, Energy and Heart Healthy.


sonia sin gluten said...

Dear friends, thank you for the wonderful blog.

We have a rash in the labeling protocol, that makes us more facilpoder make ice cream with ease to health.
In a way, we are asking the government, specific laws for celiacs sick, we ask that companies responsavilicen and include a proper and clear labeling on all its products.
In Europe will be mandatory for all countries in 2011, has cost us much to get there, but thank god, we have already achieved.
I can not think that my granddaughter six years, reaches adolescence and has no social protection. It is your right to have, and that's why I fight, ara there.
We need laws for all the world of celiacs. O, the celiac esque not traveling? not leaving your house? need gluten-free menus in schools, in universidaes ...
The celiac has to have the same freedom as any other citizen who is not, it's their right.

thanks for your blog
magnificos ice cream.
affectionate greetings
sonia gluten free

Rachel said...

This is the MOST helpful gf site I have found in a long time. Thanks! I will be a regular follower from now on!

Stacey said...

Thanks ladies, we are glad it helps. Things keep getting better.

sonia sin gluten said...

It's great (!)
Able to enjoy a fresh juice or milkshake (!)

Comes labeled gluten-free?

thank you very much

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Do not trust jamba juices allergen information. There allergen list says that the oatmeal is gf but the brown sugar is not. After getting sick I asked what company suplies there oatmeal. And I looked up that company and on the website it clearly states that the oatmeal is not gluten free.

Anonymous said...

No wonder I feel sick.... Just had a smoothie with energy boost....ugh..... Thanks for posting!!