May 12, 2009

Skosh Monahan's in Costa Mesa, CA

Nate's sister Marissa lives in California so I'm always keeping my eye open for restaurants in California that will accommodate a gluten-free diet. Especially with Marissa's wedding coming up everyone wants to know they can eat safely while traveling. Although this isn't right where we'll be I was impressed with the gluten-free menu and we'd gladly make an excuse to drive somewhere for gluten-free pizza.

Skosh Monahan's is a Steakhouse and Irish Pub that offers a gluten-free menu and a GFCF kid's menu.
Their gluten-free menu includes appetizers, soup, salad, pizza, and entrees.


Kim said...

Thanks for all your great research! I also live in Mpls and haven't ventured back out into the world of restaurants very much since going GF. I also have a lot of food allergies, so it makes it even a little more complicated. I just cook a lot, and blog about that. : ) I'll have to try some of the restaurants you suggest; thanks for sharing all your knowledge, it is much appreciated!!!

Kim at

Stacey said...

Kim, I'm glad you find it helpful. I know it is much more enjoyable for us when Nate can enjoy a safe meal. I think it also makes it easier to stick to a restricted diet when you can still go out with family and friends.
These restaurants also seem very helpful to those with additional allergies.

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