April 13, 2009

Gluten-Free in Rochester MN

We went to visit Nate's parents for Easter. We left early Saturday morning, Nate didn't think 6:20 a.m. was early enough though. On the way through Rochester we stopped at Canadian Honker. They only have 1 gluten-free option for breakfast but for only $3.99 it is a great deal. The breakfast includes 2 eggs, hash browns, fresh fruit and your choice of bacon or sausage. Plenty of food and a good price. I took a picture but I have to get it off of Nate's phone. Their gluten-free menu isn't very extensive but it provides some safe options and their staff seems very knowledgeable.

After breakfast we stopped at The Bread Baker Company. Nate immediately spotted the cinnamon swirl bread and then we saw a cheesy garlic bread and thought we better try that too. We also couldn't pass up two sugar cookies. Nate and Becca really enjoyed those. The bread was $7 for a loaf and the cookies were $3 for 2 large cookies. We'll definitely stop in there again next time we're in the area.

Saturday night my mother-in-law made stew so the toasted cheesy garlic bread went really well with it. Easter morning we had brunch and they enjoyed the cinnamon swirl bread. It was nice to be able to try something new that we can't get at home.


Rebecca said...

hey I love the cookies and the bread. I love you always!
Love Becca

Krystyn said...

Thanks for stopping by.

What a challenge to do gluten free every day!