February 1, 2009

The Old Spaghetti Factory

The other day was my sister Katie's birthday so we went out to celebrate at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Our meals were fine, nothing special and the service was a little slow - although I felt bad because he was trying very hard. All meals come with bread (not gluten-free), soup or salad, a beverage (excluding pop) and ice cream.

When they brought out our meals they told Nate his would be a bit longer because after they made his they realized they made him the regular gluten meal. I was annoyed with this but glad they noticed it and were fixing it. At least he had a salad so he wasn't starving and his meal came out about two minutes later. Their creamy pesto salad dressing is very good and the spumoni was a fun treat.

Pros: gluten-free menu, meal price includes soup or salad, beverage and dessert
Cons: slow service, okay food, they almost forgot to make his gluten-free


Debbie said...

The last time I went to OSF I think I experienced cross contamination because I got wickedly sick when I got home. I'm not normally super sensitive so I'd watch out for that, since they don't have a dedicated work space for the gluten free items.

Stacey said...

Yeah, I was a little worried about that. I was going to say something to them since they almost "messed up" with his order but my husband would rather not make a scene and they did fix it. He's of the mindset that he is hungry and has dealt with it his whole life so don't make a big deal.

We definitely won't be in a hurry to go back there anytime soon unless someone else chooses it. I think the GF menu does help create awareness but they do need more training.

Shannon said...

The same thing happened to me at OSF .. they brought out my meal with regular noodles. They just looked *too* good to be true and I asked to verify the noodles were gluten free and the server said "no."

..well, I didn't order gluten-free to be served gluten-filled noodles! :P I worry about going back there now.