December 5, 2008

Gluten-Free Dining in Chicago

Pizza: I figure I better blog about our gluten-free experiences in Chicago before I forget. After our visit with Gary and Jonelle we stayed in Chicago for a couple of days. We wanted to try some pizza and I've heard that Lou Malnati's Pizzerias offer a pizza that is gluten-free. The Crustless Sausage Pizza is not really your typical pizza. They use ground sausage pressed into a deep dish pan for the crust. I would recommend ordering lots of veggies on it with all of the sausage and cheese. :) It was definitely worth the 40-45 minute wait.

Chinese: The next night we decided to try Ben Pao Chinese Restaurant. When we arrived we asked the hostess for a Gluten-Free Menu. As we were seated our waitress quickly acknowledged that we had a Gluten-Free Menu and informed us that they serve family style. Nate and I decided to split the Sesame Chicken and the Chicken Fried Rice. I enjoyed how light and fresh the fried rice was. Unfortunately we were too full for dessert because I thought their Mango Creme Brulee sounded really good, maybe next time.

Cupcakes: On our way out of Chicago we stopped at Swirlz Cupcakes. They specialize in cupcakes. Swirlz offers "regular", gluten-free and reduced sugar cupcakes. We brought a few of each to Thanksgiving and in the excitement of sampling them I forgot to get a picture which was unfortunate with all of the cute frosting designs. It was definitely a fun treat and I was impressed with all the flavor options. Nate had to take over and decide because I was a little overwhelmed.

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