October 10, 2008

October - Celiac Awareness Month

October is Celiac Awareness Month. To help promoting getting the word out I have created a list of GF restaurants outside of Minnesota so those traveling or who live out of state can support these businesses. These restaurants realize there is a growing demand for GF options and want all of their customers to have a great experience.
Please note some of these restaurants have a separate GF menu while others accommodate special dietary requests. For example, at Maggiano's they will bring the chef out to discuss what you would like. While Nate likes that the chef comes out and will make whatever he requests some people do not like the special attention and being singled out. Some restaurants do not offer much of a selection but post their allergen list online to make things a little easier. If you have any questions it is always a good idea to call ahead first.
Let me know if you discover any other restaurants we can add to the lists.

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