March 30, 2010

Snikiddy Coupon

Have you tried Snikiddy yet? We haven't either but you can get a coupon by signing up for their newsletter. In February they launched a new line of "baked fries." The parmesan garlic baked fries sound good and for ketchup fans there is a classic ketchup version.

March 11, 2010

Gluten-Free Pizza at Birchwood Cafe

Starting Friday, March 12th Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis will be offering gluten-free pizza. The pizza will be on pizza crust made by Cooqi. If you have a chance to check it out let us know what you think.

Ginger Hop

Last week I went out to dinner with my friend Amy for Restaurant Week and we decided to try Ginger Hop. As we sat down to look at the menu she thought I knew of this restaurant because they have gluten-free choices on the menu. I was quite surprised as she pointed out the gluten-free symbol at the bottom of the page.

Gluten-free items are marked with a star next to them. Since it was Happy Hour we tried the chicken satay and eggplant satay which both happen to be gluten-free. One of the specials for Restaurant Week was the Sweet Green Curry which we both got with chicken.
Towards the end of the meal I thought I should check if Nate wanted me to bring something home for him. I was feeling a little guilty sitting at a restaurant with gluten-free choices while he was working in the garage which means he probably forgot to eat. I called him to double check that he'd want the Thai fried rice. I listed off some of the other menu items to see if anything else stood out and he mentioned the Pad Thai with chicken.

Nate was very excited for his dinner when I got home. He asked where his rice was and I explained Pad Thai is noodles and doesn't come with rice. That wasn't exactly what he was asking for. He was expecting Pad Thai and fried rice. Although, I didn't feel quite so bad when he could only eat half of it.

Amy, Nate and I were all very pleased with our choices and would definitely recommend it. Check out their happy hour specials and enjoy some of their satay with a Redbridge.

March 4, 2010

BitterSweet Bakery Now at Coborns Delivers

Coborns Delivers is now offering BitterSweet Bakery products. BitterSweet Bakery is a small family owned bakery that offers some great treats. This is a great way to be able to order some gluten-free treats and not have to worry about if they are open this Saturday or next Saturday. You can have your gluten-free carrot cake or hamburger buns delivered to your door with the rest of your groceries. I was very surprised to see that the BitterSweet Bakery items they carry are on sale this week. That's definitely a good incentive to try something new.